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Darius Dinn is now released in ebook and paperback! 

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Flights of Fancy

Don't get steamed

Are you a Ragger or a Townie?

"It was often bragged to new orphans, the simple fact that town kids could never pull off acting like a ragamuffin orphan, but a ragger, as they are called, could always act like a prim and proper towner kid. Especially when new folks were looking for a kid to adopt."

 "Yes, ma'am, thank you very kindly, and all that huff and puff."

Phinis Coggsworth approved

"You a coward, boy," she sniped, laughing. But as she got closer, her face dropped any sense of humor. They stood, looking up at the gate, its top adorned with a green faded copper plaque that simply read: 'Coggsworth, est. 1743'.