James was born in 1967 and grew up in central Maine, then moved to Florida when He was 16. He has been fascinated by the art of painting since he was a child. He started painting at 10 years old when his aunt bought him an oil painting set because of his interest in watching William Alexander on PBS and the wet on wet method. He did not know there were other methods and training and other mediums. He was amazed at how fast he could get to the heart of a painting and copied what he did. As a teenager He still used those same paints but found I could use almost anything as a canvas, and lots of things (like gasoline!) were solvents for oil paint. Its a wonder he's still here. James studied art while in college and learned the history and foundations needed for any great artist, considering classical and traditional values. A few years later He discovered acrylics and how easy they were to use in a small area. He has now moved to a large studio that He uses everyday. He uses acrylics now as a base and design background for oil paints. James attends local art shows and in 2012 began selling his work to the general public.  -JK